Rathfriland for Reds

At the end of Autumn the Rathfriland

Rainbows and Brownies came into

Tollymore Park and wanted to know

all about the red squirrels that lived there.  

Not only that they were keen to do something to help.The girls were supplied with a mixture of peanuts and sunflower which they carefully put at the bottom of some tall trees in an area where the red squirrels are known to feed.  This would be a terrific

treat for the red squirrels and help them

to put on fat before the winter arrives. Big thank you from the red squirrels to the Rathfriland Rainbows and Brownies.

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Red Squirrel Detectives- Ballykinlar Playgroup and The Big Surprise

Inspiring children and young people to learn more about native red squirrels and their environment is hugely important to the group.


We absolutely love seeing young faces light up at the sight of a pair of red tufty ears and a bushy tail.


Young squirrel fans become dedicated conservationists and help secure our Red Squirrels future so we are proud to share their stories and experiences here. 

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