Rathfriland for Reds

At the end of Autumn the Rathfriland

Rainbows and Brownies came into

Tollymore Park and wanted to know

all about the red squirrels that lived there.  

Not only that they were keen to do something to help.The girls were supplied with a mixture of peanuts and sunflower which they carefully put at the bottom of some tall trees in an area where the red squirrels are known to feed.  This would be a terrific

treat for the red squirrels and help them

to put on fat before the winter arrives. Big thank you from the red squirrels to the Rathfriland Rainbows and Brownies.

Red Squirrrel Diet


The girls helped us supplementary feed our squirrels which is essential at lean and crucial times of year as plentiful food help them survive through the winter. This is important for breeding females, so that they are in good condition for producing young.

The nuts and seeds the Rainbows and Brownies left are great red squirrel staples and add to the a naturally varied diet that includes seeds from pine cones, larch and spruce and also fungi, shoots and fruits of shrubs and trees, and sometimes birds' eggs. 




If you go down to the woods today......




.....and see cones looking like these its a sure sign that a hungry squirrel has been feasting on tasty scots pine seeds...


Om Nom Nom!