Recording sightings of both red and grey squirrels is important so that the group has an idea of where, approximately how many and what species of squirrel there are in the area.


A 2004 survey recorded 11 red squirrels and 24 grey squirrels. Recent surveys indicate that there are now approximately 65 red squirrels in Tollymore with only the occasional grey spotted on the periphery of the park.


Recording and monitoring are particularly important for monitoring the health status of the red squirrel population. They give an early warning of any outbreaks of disease such as Squirrel Pox Virus and Adenovirus.


If you want to see a red squirrel in Tollymore Forest Park, there is a good chance you will see one during autumn and winter in the needleless larch trees where they feed on the seeds of the larch cones.


If you think you would like to record squirrel sightings please click on Report a Sighting.

Red Squirrel high in the larch

Eating larch cones

Tollymore larch